Saturday, April 15, 2017


As I sit here on the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, I think about what must have been going through the mind of Jesus’ executioners. They no doubt thought they had accomplished their goal to kill him. When the stone was placed over the tomb, they knew his fate was finally sealed. But that was not how the story would end! When the ground began to shake and the stone was rolled away, it was clear that Jesus was not where they left him. 

 It dawned on me that this is how things sometime appear in our life.  It looks like the enemy has got the best of us, and God’s plan will not come forth. However, we have to remember what God said and trust him that no matter what happens that looks contrary to God’s destiny for our life, the story does not end there. Never forget in the dark times what God told you when the sun was shining. When things seem to be at a stand-still and all around is quiet, remind yourself of that period between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday when defeat seemed obvious and hope appeared to be lost. God’s plan was still in motion even though there was no evidence that anything was happening. Even when you can’t see or hear what God is doing, let him finish your story.  He always wins.  Sunday is coming!

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